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Toothache in Arlington, TX

When you wake up in Arlington, Texas with a throbbing toothache, it’s time to call our favorite dentist in the area, Dr. Ted French. Sudden tooth pain could mean a serious infection in your tooth, gums, or a broken tooth that has exposed a nerve. The sooner you call for an emergency appointment, the sooner you can get the pain relief treatment you need from Ted French, DDS.,.

The Process

He will x-ray a broken tooth, and repair the exposed nerve. If you have tooth decay or dental injury, Ted French, DDS, will clean out the infection, and provide you with a prescription for antibiotics. He will also recommend options for repairing the tooth that is giving you pain. Sometimes your dentist will recommend a shot of novacaine to provide instant pain relief until the antibiotics start to work. As the infection is treated, the swelling that causes pressure to your infected tooth is reduced, and the pain subsides. Some patients say it’s like magic when the pain subsides.

Following up on your Toothache

Just because the pain is gone does not mean you can forget about your next appointment. Dr. French needs to work on your tooth and repair the damage with a filling or crown to prevent you from being in severe discomfort once again. When you complete the treatment, your tooth will be healthy and pain free. Having a tooth filled with material to strengthen your tooth will make it able to function like new. If there is too much damage to the tooth, a cap or crown will protect your tooth and your smile will be as beautiful as ever.