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Nutriphysical Analysis Tool in Arlington, TX

Good nutrition is essential for good overall health, including dental health. Nutrition plays a big part in preventing disease, but it’s often difficult for patients to figure out how to use nutrition to improve their dental and overall health. For this reason, we provide our patients with access to Nutriphysical, making it easier to get proper nutrition for improve quality of life.

How it works

Nutriphysical is an analysis tool that is internet based, and it provides patients with nutritional supplementation programs that are customized to each individual’s needs. More patients want to improve their dental health, overall appearance, quality of life, and daily nutritional supplementation can help patients achieve those personal goals. A team of experts in preventive medicine and homeopathic fields designed Nutriphysical, and the tool can identify any deficiencies in individuals who are working to attain optimum oral and overall health. Once any deficiencies are identified, Nutriphysical is also able to recommend nutritional supplementation programs. The tool can be used to provide a new supplementation regimen or help patients make adjustments in their current nutritional supplementation regimens.

How to get started

Patients get started with Nutriphysical by taking a health survey that takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. The responses are collected on the computer, and the responses to the various questions can help identify any deficiencies in multiple health categories. All information that is provided during the survey is kept confidential for patients. After completing the survey patients can work with a Health and Nutrition consultant to decide on the correct products for nutritional supplementation.

Other Benefits

Patients that use Nutriphysical are not only able to create a custom nutritional supplementation plan that benefits their oral health, but it can also help patients manage their weight, keep blood sugar levels at a healthy level, reduce stress, improve cardio health, and more.
We understand that patients need to have good overall health to enjoy good dental health, which is why we use the Nutriphysical analysis tool to help patients create their nutritional supplementation program to improve health and wellness.

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