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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Arlington, TX

There are many different ways to beautify your smile, and dental implants are the most common by far. For those with missing teeth or a smile that you would like to improve, using this method of restoration can improve everything from your career to your dining experience.


The root and crown of the chosen tooth is completely removed by means of a root canal with this procedure. The post which is known as the implant is put into your jaw bone so that your bone can fuse or grow with it over time. This small part is then considered the root of the replaced tooth.

There are two different types available, based on your jaw structure:

  • Endosteal
  • Subperiosteal.

Different Types

Endosteal implants look like small screws and plates, and are normally put into the jaw bone. The subperiosteal implants are most commonly placed just above your jaw bone, under the gum line. This is for people whose jaw bone structure is shallow, and do not want to undergo another procedure to lengthen that bone. Both of these are available in narrow and standard sizing made of titanium. The Doctor can help you determine what will work best for your smile.

Caring For Your Implants

Caring for your new smile is easy. Keep up with your cleanings and exams as well as brush and floss daily as recommended. Your replaced teeth won’t ever get a cavity, but you should still care for them due to wear and tear. Your dental implant is the nearest to a natural tooth that dentistry has to offer. It is the only procedure that can make the bone it is attached to grow. You can smile, eat and speak knowing that your natural looking replacement will not fail like dentures or partials. Confidence is a side effect of a fantastic smile, and your family and friends will definitely notice that difference right away. For more information on if this is an option for you, speak with Dr. French, or one of the Dental Assistants in the office.