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Painless Anesthetic Options

Painless Anesthetic Options in Arlington, TX

Pain control is a top priority in dentistry care of patients. Advances in pain control in the dentistry field have resulted in new painless anesthetic techniques. The result is that patients now have more anesthetic options than before.

Painless Anesthetic Agents

Computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery systems and other comfort control systems enhanced by jet-injection technology, which uses mechanical pressure to release a liquid medication dose into the subcutaneous tissue without a needle. It offers optimal pain control during anesthetic preparation for dental treatment or surgery. Safety dental syringes are another class of agent widely employed by dentists in the delivery of anesthetic medication. Control of vibration that might otherwise cause pain at the time of administering local anesthesia has become easier with new vibrotactile instruments designed to reduce pain intensity caused by movement during injection.

Anesthetic Techniques

New and better anesthetic agents and techniques have the potential to enhance pain relief while also reducing injection pain associated with these dental treatments, now with fewer adverse effects.

IV sedation

Oral surgery may require the use of IV sedation during procedures such as bone grafting, dental implants, or removal of impacted wisdom teeth.

Local Anesthesia

Traditional dental anesthesia administered by local anesthesia injection is now supported by a number of painless anesthesia agents. The range of innovation in anesthetic delivery equipment and methods means that patients can rest easy during dental procedures.

Nitrous Oxide

The use of nitrous oxide is an effective and safe method of administering sedation by an oxygen inhalation agent.

Oral sedation

Medication in the form of a capsule or pill that may be given to reduce patient anxiety during treatment. Non-narcotic analgesics are commonly administered to patients to lessen the pain prior to, or immediately post dental treatment.