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Abscesses in Arlington, TX

Abscesses are painful collections of pus and decayed tissue that collect inside and around a tooth. An abscess is very serious and requires a dental visit to treat. If left untreated, the infection can lead to tooth loss, infection of other bodily systems, or even life-threatening sepsis or pneumonia.

Symptoms of Abscesses

Symptoms of an abscess are fairly easy to recognize. A lot of pain, discomfort, and a general feeling of illness is often the first sign of an abscess. Swellings of the gums around the tooth, in the neck glands, or in the upper or lower jaw are also causes for concern. Some people may get a foul-taste in their mouths or have bad breath, which often happens when pus starts to drain. A fever may also develop as the body attempts to fight off the infection.

Treatment for Abscesses

Treatment of abscesses focuses on curing the infection, preventing further infections, and hopefully saving the tooth. Sometimes the tooth must be removed, or surgery may be required to drain the abscess. The dentist will be able to judge what course of action needs to happen based on careful examination of the infected area. Professional treatment of abscesses is often very effective in removing infection and saving the affected teeth.

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Never let an abscess go untreated. It’s a very painful condition that can only get worse. Untreated abscesses can lead to very serious complications that can eventually become lethal. If you live in Arlington, TX and suspect you may have an abscess, call us immediately to receive care as soon as possible.