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Root Canals

Root Canal Treatment in Arlington, TX

A root canal treatment is a dental treatment that can successfully save a tooth that is severely decayed or infected. It is important to save your teeth whenever possible, and a root canal treatment can relieve your pain and help preserve your beautiful smile.

How Does a Root Canal Work?

A root canal treatment is an endodontic treatment that treats the inside of a tooth. When the pulp, the soft tissue layer that is found inside of your tooth, is infected or inflamed, treatment becomes necessary. The infection of inflammation of the pulp may be a result of multiple dental procedures, a chip or crack, deep tooth decay, or a faulty crown. In some cases, trauma to a tooth may result in pulp damage, even though the tooth has no visible cracks or chips. Failing to treat the infection or inflammation of the pulp may result in an abscess or serious pain. In addition, an infection in the pulp of a tooth may result in:

  • Bone loss around the tooth’s root
  • Swelling that spreads to other areas of the head, neck, or face
  • Drainage into the skin or the gums

When a root canal is performed, the infected or inflamed pulp is removed from the tooth. Then, this area of the tooth is disinfected and cleaned. Next, the inside of the tooth is filled and sealed. The tooth is then restored using a filling or crown for protection. After the restoration the tooth can continue to function normally.

The Benefits of Saving Your Natural Tooth

Having a root canal treatment to save your natural tooth offers many benefits. Some of the benefits include:

  • Natural appearance
  • More efficient chewing
  • Normal biting sensation and force
  • Protects surrounding teeth from excessive strain or wear

When you have a root canal done, the treatment allows you to maintain your beautiful, natural smile. It also helps to reduce the need for more dental work in the future, and helps you enjoy your favorite foods. With good dental hygiene, most teeth that have had a root canal will last just as long as the rest of your natural teeth.