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Broken Appliances or Dentures

Denture Repair in Arlington, TX

Many of our patients opt for our office to be the only point of service for all of their denture needs; from fitting and placement to repairs. We take pride in being able to get your smile exactly the way you want it. There are two types of repairs we offer: Repairs with an impression and simple repairs.

Repairs with an Impression

An example of a repair of this type would be a reline. Meaning that the dentures must reline with your gums where an impression would need to be taken. If the denture is ill fitted and loose, this can normally fix that issue.

Simple Repairs

An example of a simple repair would be inserting a gold crown into the denture plate. Although this is not an option for natural teeth, it can be completed for dentures or even partials. An adjustment of your dentures can also be completed. This will commonly alleviate any pain due to the higher spots on your gum line where dentures tend to ride. Some of the issues patients deal with due to a denture can be dealt with by having a denture stabilization implant completed at our office. Ask the Doctor about this option if you have recurrent issues with your denture.

Examples of repairs we handle include:

  • Missing pieces
  • Multiple pieces
  • Removal of glue or other materials used to personally repair your denture
  • Replace a chipped, loose or missing tooth
  • Reinforcement of a fractured denture
  • Cleaning of all partials, plates, dentures, flippers and flexible partials

Self Repairs

We know there will be times that you want to try to fix a denture yourself, in between the time of the issue and when you can get in to see us. To fix a broken tooth, you can temporarily super glue it back in. It is toxic, and we don’t suggest eating on this denture until it is repaired. Don’t try to fix a broken or cracked denture at home. Unless it goes back perfectly, you will have to buy a whole new set of dentures.