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Prescription Pain Relief

Prescription Pain Relief in Arlington, TX

Never neglect scheduling professional dental visits and emergency issue, because of the fear of dental pain. The prescription pain relief offered through Ted French DDS, in Arlington, Texas, makes sure his patients are secure in the knowledge that his or her pain level is comfortable.
There are many people who neglect going to the dentist, even for semi-annual dental cleanings and checkups. They become too frightened due to the possibility of oral pain connected with any dental procedures.


Dr. Ted French DDS, with offices in Arlington, Texas, focuses on keeping his patients comfortable during dental treatments. Insignificant treatments such as a dental cleaning can be a burden to some people due to teeth and gum sensitivities. These patients would rather neglect good dental care versus risking the uncomfortable pain associated with needed dental treatments in addition to semi-annual cleanings. Dr. French puts his patients at ease while under his care and eliminates unnecessary oral pain and discomfort; his patients trust him and feel secure and comfortable when facing dental treatments.

Pain and Anxiety

If he or she requires drugs to control pain and anxiety, Dr. French prescribes them in order to get the needed and necessary dental work completed. Dr. French may utilize prescription or non-prescription pain relief, a general anesthesia, such as nitrous oxide and sometimes a mild intravenous sedation to control patient indications for pain and anxiety.

Prescriptions to Control Your Pain

Dr. French may order Acetaminophen, Motrin or anti-inflammatory drugs, such as corticosteroids in tablet or paste forms to control pain issues stemming from many dental conditions. Toothaches, cold sores, blisters, ill-fitting dentures, braces and canker sores are among some of the instances where pain relief is necessary. Patients can buy anesthetics over the counter in the form of sprays, paste, gels, ointments, swishing solutions, and lozenges.
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