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Isotonix Nutritional Supplements in Arlington, TX

Getting the right vitamins and minerals in your diet is essential for good dental health. Your overall health also affects your dental health. Failing to get the right nutrients in your diet could result in oral health problems, which is why we offer patients the ability to use Isotonix supplements. Unfortunately, many patients don’t get the nutrition that they need from their diet, and the lack of important vitamins and minerals can result in poor oral health and other health problems. Studies show that getting the right nutrition has an impact on oral health. In fact, WebMD notes that supplementing a patient’s diet with vitamin D and calcium can reduce the risk of tooth loss.

How it works

Isotonix offers nutritional supplements in a unique way. Before food, drinks, and nutritional supplements can pass into the small intestine, they must be made isotonic. This means that they have the same fluid pressure as other fluids within the body. Since most foods, drinks, and supplements are not isotonic, the stomach has to secrete digestive juices, acids, and enzymes and mix the contents until it creates a uniform solution. Isotonix has created nutritional products that have the perfect balance of ingredients to make sure that they are isotonic when they enter the body, which means that the nutrients go into the small intestine quickly. This ensures that patients enjoy the maximum absorption of nutrients from the supplements taken.

How it helps your body

When supplements stay in the stomach longer, the nutrients become diluted and are attacked by the acids in the stomach. However, Isotonix supplements prevent this problem by ensuring that they leave the stomach quickly, making sure that nutrient absorption begins as quickly as possible. Multiple products are available from Isotonix, including skin health supplements, bone and joint supplements, blood sugar maintenance supplements, heart health supplements, and more. General health supplements often proves useful for our dental patients because they provide the nutrients needed for optimal dental and overall health.

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