When to Consider Getting Veneers

bright-smile1Veneers are a versatile option for patients who want to improve their teeth without spending too much time or money in the process. Whether teeth are affected by discoloration, chips, decay or gaps, veneers offer an upgrade of appearance in just a few visits to Ted French, DDS. Below is a look at when you should consider veneers.

Cosmetic Improvements with Veneers

No matter what is ruining the appearance of teeth, veneers can fix the problem quickly and completely. Teeth that have become stained due to lifestyle factors such as smoking and coffee drinking will become white instantly after veneers are installed. Porcelain veneers also resist future stains. When misalignment or gaps are present, veneers offer an instant solution. Cracks and chips are not only unsightly but can also harbor bacteria that cause tooth decay. Veneers can shield these imperfections for the sake of appearance and health.

Repairing Tooth Decay

Minor tooth decay is routinely repaired with fillings, and major decay is commonly fixed with crowns or implants. In many cases, veneers are an alternative that lets patients keep their real teeth and avoid jaw bone problems associated with missing teeth. Veneers also look more natural compared to tooth-colored fillings. By protecting against further decay, veneers are valuable for keeping teeth healthy.

Veneers Are Simple to Install

Getting veneers usually takes only two to three visits from planning to placement. Your dentist will listen to your concerns about your teeth and decide how to get the best results. Next, two to three appointments are used for preparation and bonding. Some of the outermost enamel is removed to make room for the veneers. Finally, the veneers are permanently cemented and fitted to the teeth to create an ideal result.

Veneers are a complete and more affordable solution to many types of imperfections that can ruin one’s smile. With proper dental hygiene and standard periodontal care, veneers can last for 10 to 15 years. For more information about getting veneers, contact Arlington dentist Ted French, DDS, at (817) 461-2843 today.

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