When Deep Teeth Cleaning Is Necessary

bright-smile1One of the markers of a healthy and happy individual is a big, white smile. A wide grin can communicate many things including friendship, romantic interest, humor, and other emotions. When a person is uncomfortable or embarrassed by his or her smile, it can negatively affect mood and even cause depression. If your smile could use deep teeth cleaning, consult our team at Ted French, DDS. Have your teeth brightened so that you can flash your pearly whites with confidence.

Definition of Deep Cleaning

Deep teeth cleaning may sound a little ominous, but it is actually a fairly easy procedure. It is non-surgical gum therapy that removes excess plaque and buildup from under the periodontal (gum) tissue. It is often performed with a special ultrasonic scaling instrument if a patient has gone more than six months in between cleanings. A deep clean may be necessary to:

  • Treat inflamed or swollen gums
  • Help gums that bleed or are sensitive to the touch to heal properly
  • Prevent bone loss from excessive plaque buildup
  • Prevent loss of teeth or the formation of cavities from calculus, or severe plaque

Keep the Gums Healthy

Although it may seem contradictory to clean the gums in order to clean the teeth, gum health should always be a priority. Your Arlington dentist knows this, and it may be why he or she recommends a deep clean for your teeth. The deep cleaning itself is slightly more painful than a standard teeth cleaning, but it is necessary for people who want their mouth to be as healthy as possible. If left untreated, plaque on teeth can turn into calculus, which is much more painful and difficult to remove.

Make an Appointment

The best way to avoid ever needing a deep teeth cleaning is to always go to your regular six-month checkup. If it has been a while, do not worry. At Ted French, DDS, our team can help heal your gums and brighten your smile. Contact us at (817) 461-2843 to make an appointment as soon as possible.

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