Treatment for Gum Disease with Ted French, DDS

When it comes to your teeth, we all know how important it is to maintain a healthy, glowing smile. Yet there is much more to a beautiful smile than simple aesthetic appeal. It is equally important that your smile be a reflection of optimal oral health as well. With the rise of gum disease recently, statistics are showing that perhaps not all Americans are taking this notion to heart. Luckily, your Arlington TX dentist at Ted French, DDS, can provide effective and efficient treatment for periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease can be particularly troublesome due to its stealth nature. Often going unnoticed, the disease can begin with simple plaque buildup on your teeth, before growing into something much more serious. This bacteria-filled tartar can begin to infect your gums, compromising the integrity of your beautiful smile and making for red, swollen gums that can bleed easily. Gum disease should be taken very seriously, as the infected pockets around your teeth can separate them from the gums and surrounding bone, making for an extremely harmful and painful situation.

Previously, periodontal disease was only treatable with gum surgery, but today that is not the case. Recent technological advancements in the industry have made for non-surgical periodontal treatment, which allows Dr. French to treat this growing disease without a scalpel or sutures. Dental surgery may scare off even the bravest dental patient, and we understand that. Our non-surgical options allow you to find the relief you are seeking from periodontal disease, without any of the worry that comes with surgery.

With minimally-invasive procedures available, Ted French, DDS is the name to be trusted for periodontal disease treatment in Arlington and the surrounding area. For additional information, give us a call at (817) 461-2843 or contact us online today.

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