Ted French, DDS, Offers Outstanding Dental Care in Arlington, TX

bright-smile1We all know how important a healthy smile is to looking and feeling our best. A bright, shining smile conveys our personalities in an instant and puts our best face forward to show the world. A healthy smile also starts with proper basic dental hygiene, something neglected by many people today in our ever-busy world. Luckily, our Arlington TX dental clinic at Ted French, DDS is here to provide proper dental service today, ensuring healthy smiles throughout your family.

We know a trip to the dentist can trigger fear in some people. That’s why at Ted French, DDS, we aim to create a soothing and stress-free environment for all our patients. We will make you feel right at ease while we are performing any dental procedures, eliminating any fear or nerves in an instant. No longer will you put off your dental appointments for as long as possible – our comfortable and hospitable environment will make your dental check-ups and procedures a relaxing process.

No matter the procedure, be it a routine cleaning, bonding, or filling, we can keep you comfortable and perform the procedure in a pain-free environment. We offer additional options for alleviating pain if the sight of a needle instills anxiety. By choosing either nitrous oxide gas or The Wand, a pain-free anesthetic delivery system, you can avoid the fear and anxiety that comes with the sight of a syringe.

When it comes to your teeth, there is only one Arlington TX dental clinic to service your shining smile. Give us a call at (817) 461-2843 or fill out an appointment form online to schedule a dental hygiene procedure today.

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