Ring in the New Year with a Bright Smile

Teeth-Whitening-300x198Your smile is often the first thing that people notice about you. If your smile isn’t as bright as it could be, you may be sending the wrong impression to people. This New Year, you can make an amazing impression with your new sparklingly white smile, with help from Ted French, DDS, in Arlington.

The Whitening Process

There are several ways you can whiten your teeth:

  • At Home. Home whitening remedies usually come in the form of strips or trays that contain a bleaching agent. These processes must be repeated several times in order to achieve the desired whiteness. These kits can be bought at any major grocery store.
  • Take Home. These are kits given by dentists to their patients who wish to perform whitening at home. Like over-the-counter treatments, they are usually trays or strips with a bleaching agent. However, these treatments are usually stronger with more lasting results.
  • In Office. In office whitening treatments are performed by a dentist. These processes usually involve applying a bleaching agent to teeth and then using a special UV light to help speed the process.

Taking Care of Your Teeth

The whitening process isn’t just about adding bleach to your teeth. Attaining a bright smile also means having proper dental hygiene between visits to your dentist. Make sure you’re brushing your teeth at least twice a day with a dentist-approved brush and toothpaste. Floss your teeth between meals, and try to avoid foods and drinks that are known to stain (including coffee, sodas, and candy).

Trust the Professionals

Home whitening kits are well and good, but they usually only offer marginal results. In order to have a bright smile that lasts without a repetitive process, you need a professional teeth whitening treatment. These treatments can only be performed by a certified dentist who has the proper tools and equipment.

Ted French, DDS, has everything required to permanently whiten your teeth. Make a great impression this New Year with the help of our Arlington dental practice. Call today to make your whitening appointment: (817) 461-2843.

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