Periodontal Care: Do Not Forget About Your Gums

Flossing Every Day is Good For Your TeethOral hygiene is a priority for people who want their smiles to be bright white and healthy, but sometimes the teeth take all the credit and leave the gums with no praise. Periodontal care is one of the most important ways you can keep your mouth happy, your teeth healthy, and your gums free of pain or infection. We at Ted French, DDS can help you to know how to properly clean your gums, and what to do if you develop any signs of irritation or infection.

Nourishing the Teeth

The word periodontum is based on Greek and it means “surrounding the tooth.” This is a literal description of what to gums do. Teeth have much longer roots than can be seen when we smile, and it is the gums that protect and nourish the roots. If debris or tartar builds up between the gum and the tooth, the gums can become inflamed, infected, or even develop serious complications. The easiest way to start a periodontal care regimen is to brush the gums at the same time you are brushing your teeth.

The next best way to treat infected gums is to see your Arlington dentist at least twice a year. If you have sore gums that easily bleed and are bright red where they meet your teeth, you could have gingivitis and may need to have specific procedures performed by Ted French, DDS to help your gum tissues become whole and healthy once again.

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