Nutrition and Oral Health Infographic

It’s no secret that what you eat directly affects the health of your teeth. Sugary, sticky foods linger in the nooks and crannies, inviting cavities to grow. But more than this, the foods you eat (or don’t eat) affect your health by providing essential nutrients to your teeth.

For example, you know that a glass of milk can help your bones retain their strength, but the same glass of milk can also strengthen your teeth. Additionally, regular vitamins like vitamins A, B, C, and D can improve your overall health and the health of your teeth.

But for many, good nutrition is a luxury. As the following infographic notes, many people do not get regular dental hygiene checkups, resulting in longterm and sometimes painful dental problems. To prevent these in yourself and your family, make sure you’re visiting an Arlington dentist regularly for teeth cleaning, flossing, and any other required periodontal care.


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