Laser Periodontal Therapy in Arlington TX

If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, seeking immediate treatment is imperative to preventing potentially extensive damage to bones and tissues supporting your teeth. Teeth could be lost and infections requiring strong antibiotics are often the result of delaying non-surgical periodontal treatment. Suffering from periodontal disease requires professional dental care from caring and thorough dentist like Dr. Ted French DDS who can provide exceptional periodontal care using Laser Periodontal Therapy™.

Laser therapy provides treatment for periodontal disease without the discomfort caused by traditional treatment methods. Novocain shots are not necessary when Dr. French performs dental laser therapy on patients. By tracing around each tooth with an intense beam of light, Dr. French effectively decontaminates gumlines by eliminating bacteria causing gingivitis and eventually, periodontitis.

As a top-notch dentist in Arlington, Dr. French has performed this type of painless laser gum surgery on hundreds of patients who have experienced excellent results. Everyone is potentially vulnerable to gum and teeth disease, regardless of oral hygiene standards. This is because the mouth teems with bacteria, some good and some bad, that consistently cover teeth with plaque, a sticky, clear substance that forms tartar if not regularly eliminated by brushing. However, once tartar is allowed to form, removal must be performed by a dentist.

Some people are more prone to suffering from periodontal disease, such as:

  • Smokers
  • Diabetics
  • Those who take certain medications that reduce saliva amounts. Saliva is a natural inhibitor of bacterial growth conducive to mouth and gum disease
  • People suffering from chronic illnesses

Symptoms of periodontal disease include halitosis, loose teeth, receding gums, painful and bleeding gums and teeth sensitivity. However, Dr. French, a prominent Arlington TX dentist, can provide professional and caring laser treatment for people suffering from the painful swelling and bleeding of infected gums. When you need a qualified and compassionate dentist to perform periodontal laser treatments on your teeth and gums, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Ted French at (817) 461-2843. Get back that clean, white smile you once had by taking advantage of the latest technology in alleviating periodontal disease.

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