Dental Hygiene: Oral Health Warning Signs to Watch For

Most people understand the importance of practicing good oral hygiene habits, but sometimes, people develop dental or periodontal problems despite their best efforts.  When this happens, it’s important to visit an Arlington dental hygiene expert early on to treat the problem and prevent complications.  If you experience any of the following symptoms, you should set up an appointment with Ted French, DDS, as soon as possible for top-quality preventive care or treatment.

Changes in Gum Health

Periodontal or gum disease can lead to a host of other oral health problems.  Gums that are inflamed or bleed easily often characterize gingivitis, which is the early form of gum disease.  Some people may experience increased tooth sensitivity, chewing pain, and gum recession.  Untreated gingivitis can evolve into the more serious periodontitis, which can result in tooth and bone loss, so it’s important to be aware of early warning signs of the condition.

Tooth Pain or Sensitivity

Pain and sensitivity point to many potential tooth problems.  An aching feeling, temperature sensitivity, and pain when biting may indicate a cavity.  The same pain can also indicate a cracked tooth, especially if the pain is less consistent or hard to pinpoint.  If a person’s gums have receded, pain may be due to root exposure.  When patients are vigilant and identify these symptoms early, the tooth may be saved or at least extracted before an infection sets in.

Seeking Treatment

It’s important for people to visit the dentist regularly and seek professional help immediately if they suspect oral health problems.  This can prevent tooth extraction or loss, the need for gum surgery, and other complications.  Patients can set up an annual visit or a special appointment with Ted French, DDS, by calling (817) 461-2843.

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